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“Create or attend niche events within 48 hours around you”

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Kumele Event Meet-Ups

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About us

Kumele Event Meet-Ups

Am George, founder of Kumele Event Meet-Ups App.

I miss the parties, raves, festivals that we could all attend freely not so long ago…But with Covid-19, the world has changed and so should we. Introducing “Kumele” THE EVENT MEET-UP APPLICATION that matches you for small scale events based on your hobbies and interests.

And best of all you get to be spontaneous in organizing events and get-togethers yessss. 

Have you been in this weird situation where you put in a lot of effort into organizing a party or event, and only half or one-third of your guests turn up? I have, and I bet I am not alone.

How about wanting to have karaoke night on a Wednesday? Well, no one is available because john has to get up early tomorrow, Ollie is off to the cinema and Mary is travelling for work. It kind of sucks that you can’t pull this off when you’re actually in the mood for it. 

Well, you get the point, doing what you love with others can be a pain sometimes. Kumele is here to fix that. 

It’s 1.00 PM on Monday afternoon, and I have 4 matches for my cannabis-infused barbecue “Awesome”. I get to socialize in a small group with cool people that dig this.

Hey, you can also create any sports, arts and crafts, games and even erotic events, your imagination is the KEY. We only ask that you be respectful to your guest and the local laws. 

With Kumele, you get to be spontaneous, you get to create or attend the best private parties or events in the world within 24-48 hours. 

Oh, and did I mention that you can also earn money when you create or host events?

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And while we prepare this brilliant app for you, please enjoy our blogs that give you a glimpse into the world of Kumele.

Be A Guest Blogger On Kumele

Guest bloggers invited  for our meet-up application. Show the world how much you rock in the following categories:

  • Travel
  • Health & fitness
  • Spirituality
  • Outdoors
  • Restaurant tips & healthy eating
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Concerts | Festivals | Music

Please observe the following:

  •  Original work: We do check – and if it’s not original, it’s not accepted.
  • Be relevant and insightful: We won’t publish ‘similar’ content. Please contribute something fresh and different.
  • Fluent, readable and error-free: Content must be written  error-free and fluent English. Give your article proper structure with eye-catching headings and subheadings with images.
  • Please don’t get over ‘commercial’Only include links, products or services that are relevant to your post. Content should be useful and compelling to the reader. Author and links to your site is fine.
  • Give facts, examples and practical tips: As the philosopher Terence said, “There are as many opinions as there are people”. Focus your article on real-world trends and tips. Back up your claims with source links.


How to throw a legendary House party
How to throw a legendary House party
How to throw a legendary House party

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